moodle poweredWelcome to the Moodle upgrade for Danvers. While Moodle now has some new features, all course information and student data have been brought in from the old site. 

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    This is the Moodle Site for Ms. Aste's AP Literature (grade 12) class. 

    This is the Moodle site for Ms. Wiebenson's French 5 class. 

    This is the moodle site for Mr. Zalucki's US I class.

    This is the site for Ms. Trask's honors US History II course.

    This is the site for Mr. Zalucki's AP Psychology

    This is the site for Ms. Toomey's 10th grade English.

    This is the site for Mr. Sangermano's Sociology class.

    This is the Moodle site for Ms. Murphy's regular US II History class. (NOT AP)

    This is Ms. Toomey's AP Literature Site

    This is for Mr. White's Language and Composition

    This is for Mrs. Beaulieu's Accounting Class

    This is the Moodle Site for Mr. Hopkins's AP Psychology Class

    This is the sample classroom for Ms. Morey's Professional Development Activities for August 2014. 

    This is the Moodle Site for AP French at Danvers High School.

    This is the Moodle Page for Srta. Perry's AP Spanish class.

    Ms. Lindquist's AP Literature & Composition Class

    This is a closed Directed Study.

    This is the Moodle Course for Ms. Murphy's AP US History work during the school year. You will sign up for this one in the FALL.

    This is the MoodleSite for Ms. Morey's US History I class!
    Patriotic Kitty
    This is the online moodle course for Ms. White's United States History II course.
    childrow This course site will provide links to websites and materials for teachers and parents to use with their children. It will also provide forums where teachers and parents can have discussions with one another. Video tutorials will teach participants how to use the various websites with their children. It will evolve over time as teachers and parents express their needs and concerns.
    Welcome to Ms. Redcay's Moodle for US History I!

    Bald Eagle
    Hey You! Looking for the APUSH Moodle site for summer work? You've found it here!

    ATTENTION! If you are signing up for moodle for the first time, Ms. Morey has to manually approve your sign up. You will NOT get an email from Moodle. She is checking two or three times a day and approving all who join, so once you sign up, please wait 24 hours and then log in with the username and password you created. If you have trouble, please email Ms. Morey!

    This is the Moodle Page for Mr. Sangermano and Ms. Murphy's summer AP work.

    This is the Moodle class for Mr. Sangermano's AP US History Class. When he tells you to do so, sign up for THIS class to continue with your AP work during the school year.

    Your last assignment in the combined class that you used for your summer work is the Chapter 9 discussion questions. Log in to the other class for that one last assignment, after that, all assignments will be in THIS class. :)
    booksThis course will assist my students to achieve individual goals!
    appleThis course is designed specifically for general education teachers to learn more about special education students. The information within this course will familiarize teachers with multiple intelligences, special education current law and practice, learning disabilities, reading and writing IEP's, resources to assist in the classroom and creating curriculum accessible to all students in their classroom. By creating curriculum in a multi-modal approach there is less of a need to modify and/or accommodate students with learning differences.
    compkidsThis mini-course will help you to see what Moodle is all about so that you will feel ready to take the full course: Integrating Moodle Into Your Teaching. The most important thing to remember is that there are teachers at all levels of the technological knowledge spectrum who use Moodle. Your course site will always be evolving as you learn more and more about Moodle.
    phonogcontThis course serves as a resource for Foundations of Reading. I have created an online, self-correcting MTEL Foundations of Reading Test using the questions from the practice test. You can take the test as both a pretest and a post-test complete with feedback. The course focuses on phonemic awareness, phonological awareness, phonics, vocabulary, fluency and comprehension. It provides information about DIBELS to assess students. There are files, websites, videos and Powerpoint presentations to help you to understand these topics. It also contains links to websites to develop effective lessons, as well as helpful websites for student use.
    writingtools.jpgkeyboard.jpg This course, Improving Writing Skills, focuses on providing opportunities for teachers to learn more about writing strategies. During this course, you will share ideas and lessons with your colleagues. Topics include: interactive graphic organizers, protocols for looking collaboratively at student work, MCAS writing, open response writing, creating dynamic lesson plans, a vast assortment of writing prompts, graphic organizers and templates, creating rubrics, writing across the curriculum, mechanics of writing and publishing of student writing. There are areas devoted to personal growth, as well as materials that students can access to enhance their writing skills.
    Are you recomp.toolsady to add a few more tools to your Moodle toolbox? This Moodle mini-course will introduce you to the Glossary Module and the Flashcard Module. You can receive additional PDPs for expanding your knowledge of Moodle by signing up for this mini-course. After learning about some potential uses, we will have a discussion forum where we can share new ideas for impementing their use in your course sites!
    writeonThis course will help you understand a scaffold for writing called "Writing With Colors" created By Tom O'Toole. It will also provide you with the materials and lessons to teach this instructional strategy.
    This is the online moodle course for World History grade Nine with Ms. Morey.
    Machiavelli and the Alien

    Course Description: This is a one semester course that attempts to answer the essential questions: What types of power do women have? How do various cultures and groups define power? How do/how have women gotten and kept power historically and in modern times? 

    Come learn the basics in note reading and recorder playing...I promise you will have fun and develop some musical abilities you never thought you had!
    This unit is based off the 1950's radio program, "This I Believe" in which Americans from all walks of life shared their personal philosphies. Seventh graders, it is time to tell me what you believe!
    Seventh grade world geography students study the world region by region focusing on physical features, climate, vegetation, population density and economic activity.

    PP and Geeky the PowerPoint EggsAdvanced Placement European History is a college level course designed to challenge high school students to achieve at a higher level. The course covers European history from The Renaissance through to the turn of the 21st century. Students are expected to take the AP European exam in the Spring. A recommendation from your history teacher, approval from course teacher, a signed contract, and completed summer work are REQUIRED for admission.

    Burrowing Owl

    This is a unit that integrates environmental science and a novel study of Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. The in-class portion of the study focuses upon nonliving and living environmental factors that impact organisms' survival in terrestrial and aquatic environments. Online, students will read and discuss the novel Hoot by Carl Hiaasen. The novel, an ecological mystery, focuses on the plight of endangered burrowing owls. Students will simultaneously explore online resources in areas such as biodiversity and endangered animals.The unit will culminate with the research of an environmental issue and the completion of an action project.

    This course emphasizes the use of theorems, postulates and definitions and their applications to original problems while integrating solid geometry with plane geometry. The primary objective of this course is to teach math as a method of reasoning and problem solving. To accomplish this, underlying concepts and understandings are stressed while making real life applications. The unit topics include basic geometric terms and notation, congruence, parallelism, circles, area and perimeter, similarity, right triangles, 3-D figures, and quadrilaterals.

    Appropriate use of technology is encouraged throughout the course, and students are required to have a graphing calculator (TI-84 Plus preferred).

    Independent Study Course. 

    During this science interdisciplinary unit, we will explore the effect of varying stimuli on the environments around us. Using online tools, hands-on experiments, and other activities, we will gather information and use these resources to think critically about our local and global environments. In addition, readings from our Treasures curriculum will be used to support our understanding of these topics and expand our understanding of the world around us as we write and reflect on what we have learned. 

    This World History II Moodle is designed for Ms. Foss's course.